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Bangladesh Tour

About Bangladesh

Before Bangladesh tours below information will help you to acknowledge on Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has a glorious history; it lies on the eastern fringe of the Indian Sub-Continent. The people of Bengal have always been great lovers of freedom. As a result, the land nearly always enjoyed a fair degree of sovereignty during its entire history, sometimes as one state and sometimes as several, with only perfunctory allegiance to the central ruling powers. In the 18th century Bengal became a part of the British Empire. In 1947, when the subcontinent was divided into Pakistan and India, it became eastern part of Pakistan.

The Bengali nation separated from Pakistan through nine months armed struggle and Bangladesh became an independent, sovereign country in 1971.

Official Name:
Bangladesh is officially called as "The People's Republic of Bangladesh”. It is a democratic county having the parliamentary form of Government.

Bangladesh situated at the deltaic mouth of the Ganges and at the south – east of India. It stretches between 20.34 degree and 26.38 degree north latitude and 88.01 degree and 92.41 degree east longitude.

Bangladesh occupies a strategic and important geographic position in South - East Asia having border with India on the West, North & East. Also we have border with Myanmar to the South- East and the Bay of Bengal lies to the South of Bangladesh.

147,570 sq. km.

Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh situated on the bank of river Buriganga. A rapidly sprawling and bustling metropolitan mega city, has an exciting history and rich cultural heritage. It founded in 1608, the city enjoyed the glory of being the capital of the region when it was successively under the Mughals and the British rule. Dhaka became the capital of Bangladesh when it emerged as an independent and sovereign country in 1971.

Dhaka occupy an area of 1,463.60 square kilometers (565 sq. miles) and its Population is not less than 14 million in 2009. It has two part named old Dhaka and new Dhaka. It is the center of administration, business, education, politics etc. Once Dhaka was known as 'city of 52 bazaars and 53 lanes' and 'city of mosques & Muslin'. It has an amazing blend of Mughal, Victorian and modern architecture as well as many historic relics. The recent spurt in high rise buildings are changing Dhaka's skyline very fast. Colorful Rickshaws on the road of Dhaka are very attractive transport for short distance to the tourists.

Main Cities:
Dhaka, Cittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal, Bogra, Rangpur, Gazipur, Narayangonj, Mymensing, Jessore etc.

Bangladesh is under the climate of subtropical and tropical. Usual temperature in winter varies from 9 to 15 degree Celsius and in summer 30 degree to 38 degree Celsius. Annual rainfall varies from 1600 mm in the West to 2500 mm in the South-East and up to 4000 mm in the North-East where tea is grown. Three-quarters of the annual rainfall occurs in the Monsoon.

Seasons of Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is a country of six seasons: the cold season from December to mid of February, the spring is from mid-February to end of march, the Summer starts from April, the monsoon or wet season from mid of June to September, the Autumn and late autumn from October to November.

Best Season to travel Bangladesh:
From October to March is the best season for travel in Bangladesh, when the sun is mild and pleasant. The "Monsoon" season (Mid- June to September) also has its own charms and Bangladesh can be the best place for monsoon lover tourists.

Bangladesh has got a population of about 162 million making it the most densely populated country in the world. Still 70% of the population live in rural areas. We have around 35 ethnic groups and about a million of tribal people. They live mostly in Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachari and in parts of the northern districts. The tribes have distinct cultures and languages of their own.

Network of roads and highways are in between every cities and towns, AC and non AC bus service are available. Baby Taxies (auto Rickshaw) and yellow Taxies run inside major cities, Rickshaw is most popular transport for short distance. Sedan car, Micro Bus, Mini Bus, SUV etc with driver are available in rent a car service in all cities and towns of Bangladesh. Mostly Japan manufactured Toyota brand vehicle are seen on road.

Railway network is in between most cities and towns except Barisal division. The districts of Barisal division are well connected with Dhaka by water ways. National and private airlines connect major seven cities and Dhaka.

Air ports:
International air ports are in Dhaka, Cittagong and Sylhet.
Domestic air ports are in Dhaka, Cittagong, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet, Jessore, Rajshahi, Syedpur and Barisal.

Sea Ports:
Cittagong, Mogla and Paira.

Principal Crops:
The Principal crops are Rice, Wheat, Jute, Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Pulses, Oil seeds, spices, potatoes, green vegetables, banana, mango, coconut etc.

Principal Exports:
Readymade garments, Raw Jute & Jute products, Tea, Leather and Leather products, Frozen foods, Ships, Medicine, IT software, Fruits and vegetable, handicrafts etc.

Principal Imports:
Principal Imports are manufactured goods, Machineries, Textile products, Transports, Petroleum products, chemicals, edible oils etc.

Principal Industries:
Principal Industries are Garments, Jute, Cotton, Textile, Tea, Leather, Cement, Sugar, Newsprint, Sea and fresh water Foods, Rerolling steel mills etc.

220 Volts AC

Bengali is the national and official Language. English is second language, widely spoken and understood.

Time Difference:
+6 Hours GMT

The unit is Taka, made up of 100 Paisa. 1 U.S. $ is equivalent to about Tk.78.00 at present.

Banking Hours:
10:00 am to 4:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday; closed on Friday & Saturday. 24/7 ATM booths are available.

Anybody visiting Bangladesh must obtain a visa. About 60 nation’s citizens like USA, Canada, UK, Countries of European Union, AUS, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and few Arabian countries can get visa on arrival with a fee of 51 USD while Japanese are free.

Our culture is rich and intermingling; Aryans, Hindu, Mughals, Iranians and colonial Europeans have left their marks in the cultural identity of the people.

Bangladesh covered by forest only about 9% of the country. The tropical climate has made the country luxuriant in vegetation. Mango, Litchi, Banana, Coconut, Palm and other many useful trees cover the country side where you can see the attractive natural greenery. The largest forest is the Sundarbans, the abode of the Royal Bengal Tiger and UNESCO declared world heritage site.

The Royal Bengal Tiger live in the Sundarbans (mangrove forest). Deer and Monkeys are found in the both Sundarbans and hilly districts. Elephants, Bears, Bisons, Monkeys and other animals are found in the forest of the three hilly districts of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari. There are also 150 species of reptiles like Sea Turtle, River Tortoise, Crocodile, Python, Cobra etc. Also present are more than 650 species of birds, marine and fresh water fishes.

Village of Bangladesh:
Rural Bangladesh is real Bangladesh and most attractive palace for foreign tourists. More than 70% of the population still lives in villages where you found music, dances, paintings, embroideries, plays and other various folk arts that have been handed down for hundreds of years. Its nature, nostalgic pastoral scenes and scent of grass, let your stressed mind relax. You may retrieve the innocence of your childhood when you see fireflies twinkling in the sky with full of stars.

Paddy field turns into sea of water in rainy season and into golden color ripe field in dry season. In villages, children's eyes twinkle to see a stranger, and adults would like to invite you to tea and sweets. Some villagers will want to take a photo with you. You may sometimes want to be left alone, many of whom have visited villages and make their visits again.