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Main Tourist Attraction of Bangladesh - Indigenous Life Bandarban

Lots of hills and hilly areas, waterfalls, river Sangu, lakes and the tribal culture are the main attractions of Bandarban. You can go to Bandarban from Chittagong by road.

The Sangu River

To reach the Sangu River you venture on a short downhill hike. You can enjoy a local boat journey here on the Sangu River for an hour.

Shailapropat Waterfall & Bawm Village

You can enjoy the Shailapropat a waterfall in Bandarban. Its also a tourist attraction of waterfall surrounded by hills & forest. Also you can walk to the nearby bawm village ‘Faruk para’.

Trekking to Hatibandha

Hatibandha is a beautiful Tripura village close to Bandarban town. You need a walk of 10 to 15 minutes to reach the village. The short hike mostly follows a lovely stream, and includes some steep ascents. For this visit you need minimum 2 hours of time.

Jadi Temple/ Golden Temple

A large, glowing golden color Buddhist temple, perched on a hill top in Balaghata, a few kilometers out of Bandarban town. It is one of the most impressive structures in the country and is worth visiting. You are not allowed to enter the temple in shorts or with shoes on. There is also a pond on the hilltop called the “Debota Pukur” meaning pond of the God.

Meghla Parjatan Complex

Another tourist spot in Bandarban is Meghla. It is located 4 km from Bandarban town, on the Bandarban-Keranihaat road. A man-made lake has been created by building a dam. Meghla houses a children’s park, a mini zoo, two hanging bridges, and has boating facilities on the lake.

Nilachol and Shuvranila

This place is often referred to as Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Nilachol tourist centre is located 4 km from Bandarban town in a place called Tiger Para.

Archeological Museum of Bandarban

In the town you can visit the house where the king of tribe Chakma lives and from there you can visit the archeological museum of Bandarban. In this museum you will find the archeological history of the tribal life and the tribes of hill areas of Bandarban. The museum authority has set up various tribal houses in the museum, which will give you a brief idea of kinds of tribal houses, their design and architectural structures.

Chimbuk hill

Chimbuk hill is one of the major attractions of Bandarban. You can enjoy the journey to Chimbuk Hill by jig jag hilly roads. It’s the third highest mountain in Bangladesh of approx. 3000 ft height. Reach Chimbuk by jeep or microbus from Bandarban. The nearby Murong tribal village is in walking distance. The accompanying guide will introduce you to the lifestyle and traditions of the Murong people.


Ruma is another hill town on the same rout of Chimbuk. If you wish to visit Ruma, then 01st go to Ruma spend some time there and then come back to Chimbuk Hill.


47 km southeast from Bandarban town, on a hilltop 2200 feet above sea-level, is situated the Nilgiri resort. It is managed and administered by the armed forces. Often covered with clouds, this place provides a panoramic view of the landscape.

Overnight Trip Bogalake
Boga Lake is a wonderful natural lake known for its scenic beauty, 65km from Bandarban and 20 km from Ruma Thana. This overnight trip involves a two hour drive to Painkhyongchori, a boat journey to Ruma bazaar and a five hour trek to Boga Lake. Your local guide will arrange the overnight stay and all meals. You will need to carry a sleeping bag along with your essentials.

Bijoy/ Tajingdong

It is located in Ruma upazilla. The highest peak of Bangladesh named Bijoy or locally called Tajingdong has a height of about 4500 feet. During the dry season it is possible to drive near Tajingdong by motorized vehicle.


To visit Bandarban; foreigners must need a permission from Bandarban District Administrative Autority office.
For all tour activities in Bandarban; we strongly recommend you to use the assistance of a professional local guide. This will enhance your experience and ensure your safety.

We request you to follow these rules when you visit tribal villages:
• Respect the local traditions and social rules at all times.
• Never photograph people without their permission.
• Do not litter.
• Do not disturbing the wildlife and refrain from picking flowers, plants or fruits.