Why Should Choose Us?

  • Golden Bengal tours is a leading private tour operator and ground handler in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since the year 2001 as an incoming tour company in Bangladesh, we have been serving to our valued clients with a nice reputation. Regularly we are operating several guided tours in & outside of Bangladesh. We have an expert multilingual team & modern logistics for providing you a world class tourism service in Bangladesh.

    As a popular travel agent in Bangladesh; many renowned tour companies from UK, USA, Canada, Countries of European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and China choose us as their counterpart. As a result we handle a large number of foreign tourists every year. Also we are serving to some foreign organizations, multinational companies, corporate offices, NGOs and so many foreign & local tourists. All these make us well known, reputed, reliable and trusted tour company in Bangladesh to individuals and organizations.

    Golden Bengal Tours is always ready to serve you for any travel needs in Bangladesh even in South Asia. Please start your BANGLADESH travel planning today. In advance we are greeting you "Welcome to Dhaka, Bangladesh".

Rent A Car

Rent A Car

You can hire Sedan Cars, Micro Buses, Mini Buses, Bus and cruise boat from us. All our vehicles are air conditioned and renowned brand of Japan. Driver, fuel, toll and parking are included in price. We provide Airport and hotel transfer, daily and monthly basis rent a car service.

Support to Foreign Investors

  • Bangladesh is an ideal place to invest in any business and has guarantee of best return. We support you to full fill all sorts of needs to set up your new business in Bangladesh.

Tourism Infrastructure & Facilities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is right now a rapidly developing country in Asia. Its tourism infrastructures are also developing very fast. The capital city, Dhaka is easily accessible from any corner of the Earth.

Bangladesh has a wide transportation network of roads & highways, express railways, modern water and air ways, which connects all places conveniently. We have latest and Modern, comfortable Japanese vehicles, highly facilitate passenger ships. Government and many privet air lines connects Dhaka from other seven cities.

Hotel, Resort & Other Accommodation:
Clean and comfortable accommodation in practically all towns on tourist traffic routes. International chain star hotels are available in big cities.

Food and Health Care:
Bangladeshi curry is very famous to the foreigners. Beside of several very testy local dishes; eastern and western testy foods are available here. We have world class hospitals and health care service in big cities. The coverage of travel insurance can be provided if require.

ATM Booths and Internet Service:
ATM booths, Cell phone and internet network are available everywhere. A number of trained, experienced and skilled manpower joint in tourism sector every year who are ensuring world class travel services.

On Arrival Visa in Bangladesh:
To attract more foreign tourists Bangladesh provide on arrival visa at all international airports for 60 countries citizens including USA, Canada, UK, countries of European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and few Arabian countries. Vias fee is 51 USD while Japanese citizens are free.

Safety for Tourists:
Our law and orders situation is much better than the other south Asian countries. Bangladesh is the safest land in South Asia for foreign tourists, businessmen and other

professionals. Government or major political parties never support terrorism, suicide bombings, violence, religious unrest, underground leftist politics and mafias. Specially we have tourist police to guard the foreign tourists in several tourist spots. Bangladesh is known as a moderate Muslim majority country; not a Muslim country. People from all communities live here together peacefully as real brother of each other.

Rental Car & Bus Service:
With driver and fuel latest and Modern Japanese A/C Sedan Car, SUV, Micro Bus, Mini Bus, Tourist Couch, 36 sitter Couch can be hire from Rant-A-Car as daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Restaurants and Bars:
Western, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korian Indian restaurants are available in all major hotels and most of the cities. But local dishes are normally bit hot and spicy. Various kinds of curries of chicken, mutton, beef, fish, prawns and vegetables are available but there is no pork.

All kind of hard drinks are available in big hotels, bars and duty paid shops. You can buy your necessary liquor from airport duty free shop when you arrive at Dhaka airport. Drinking in public areas is not recommended for foreigners on Fridays.

Traditional Drinks:
Cha; milky sweet tea is the main drink and available everywhere. Green coconut water is a fine, safe and refreshing drink. Lassi is refreshing yogurt drink. International soft drinks, such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Fanta, 7-up, Mirinda and Sprite are available. Bottled mineral water is safe to drink; never drink from tap.

Souvenir & Shopping:
Bangladeshi garments are world famous and cheap in price. Best buy in Bangladesh is several handicrafts from ARONG chain shops. Brass wares, delicate silver trinkets, beautiful objects of ivory, embroidered silk Sarees, scarves, purses, bamboo decoration pieces, cane and conch shell products, gold and silver ornament, jute carpets and a host of other attractive handicrafts can be bought in the shops, at the handicraft sale centers and galleries in the cities and also at tourist spots. Traditional Bangladeshi dresses like Lungee, Panpabi, Saree, Salower and Kamiz of silk and cotton can be bought as souvenir and good memories of Bangladesh.

We are ready to receive foreign tourists:
Our tourism facilities are very similar to India. We are ready to receive any foreign tourists and can provide world class tourism services. Warm hearted, hospitable, friendly people is our main brand. Our villages, rivers, hills, culture, music, nature, weather must attract you as a traveler in Bangladesh.