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Rent A Car

Rent A Car

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  • Bangladesh is an ideal place to invest in any business and has guarantee of best return. We support you to full fill all sorts of needs to set up your new business in Bangladesh.

Main Tourist Attraction of Bangladesh - NGO Activity

Bangladesh has been developed its infrastructure in tourism despite pressing economic problems. The economy in recent years has opened up to foreign investors, and is fast approaching a take off point.

The country’s nagging poverty scene is also improving, thanks to the efforts of both the government and the non-government organizations more commonly known as NGO’s. These NGOs are spread all over the country, and mostly employ fresh university graduates, a large part of them being women. They provide micro credit to the women, work to improve health and hygiene, promote family planning, harness indigenous resources for localized production of goods; alleviate poverty, and undertake social projects like a forestation. Over the years, NGOs has also helped the government in constructing rural roads.

Floating school, floating hospital, floating farming are the latest activities for river side or Char villages. Those who are interested in eco-tourism will find Bangladesh a challenging country to explore. You may visit villages and see how the NGOs work, visit forests and small projects that promotes the environment. You may stay overnight at modest guest houses run by the NGOs. Visits to the tribal forests of Modhupur and the Garo Hills, and the southern region of Bangladesh where some NGOs are working to improve education, would be particularly interesting. There are a number of Christian charities, churches, and home in these areas.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yunis and Grameen Bank

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yunis and his former organization Grmeen Bank combinedly won the Novel Peace Prize of the year 2006. Dr Mohammed Yunis is the first person who introduced his micro credit system among the poor villagers by his organization Grameen Bank. Now Grameen Bank is the largest NGO in Bangladesh. More than 6.6 million rural women are members of this organization. BRAC, PROSHIKA, ASHA, JSS, Friendship, Shidhulai Shanirvar Shangestha etc. are few other renowned NGOs in Bangladesh those who are working for unprivileged women and children and village society.

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