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Rent A Car

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Main Tourist Attraction of Bangladesh - Cox's Bazaar Beach & Islands

Attractions of Cox’s Bazar, Tourist Capital of Bangladesh:
Cox's Bazaar is called the tourist capital of Bangladesh, the world's longest unbroken (120km) beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, against the picturesque background of a chain of hill covered with deep green forests, It is located at a distance of 415 km south-east from Dhaka and 145 km south of Chittagong city. From Dhaka and Chittagong, Cox's Bazaar is connected both by air and road. It is considered as the most attractive tourist spot of Bangladesh and full of tourist facilities. Miles of golden sands, surfing waves, towering cliffs, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood, early morning fish market will attract any local or foreign tourists. The products of Rakhyen tribal families are good buys. Buddhist temples in Cox’s Bazar and Ramu are old pattern of Myanmar Buddhist temples.

Moheshkhali Hilsl, Salt Fields & Temples Island:
Moheshkhali Island has an area of 268 square kilometers and only 6 km from Cox’s Bazaar. From the center to eastern coastline of this island rises a range of low hills an average height of 300 feet and the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. Adinath temple, dedicated to Hindu god Siva and a Buddhist Pagoda built in the hills on the coast. Mangrove forests, hilly areas, salt fields, live fishing & fishermen lifestyle are main attraction of this island. It takes only half an hour to reach here by speedboat from Kastura ghat in Cox’s Bazaar.

Sonadia Fishermen & Pink Pearls Island:
From Kastura Ghat it takes half an hour to reach by speedboat. It is occupy an area of about nine square kilometer; what is seven kilometer from Cox's Bazar. Mainly fishermen’s island, during winter, fisherman set up temporary camps on the island to dry sea fishes. Western part of the island is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach. There are beds of windowpane oysters are seen at the northern part of Sonadia Island. Once it was renowned for pink pearls.

Aggameda Khyang (Buddhist Temple):

Aggamedha Khyang is a wooden decorated Buddhist monastery age of around four hundred years, located at the eastern end of cox’s Bazar town, represents the Burmese style architecture. Its main sanctuary is built around massive timber columns and floors are made by teak. Maha Thin Daw Gree is another vast spread Buddhist structures just adjacent of Aggamedha Khyang.

Ramu & Lamapara Buddhist Temples:
Ramu is located 16 km east of Cox’s Bazaar town, just on the Chittagong road. Ramu and Lamapara are specially famous for Buddhist Khyangs (temples). These khyangs are containing images of Buddha in bronze, silver and gold, and inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. The Burmese Bara Khyang in Lamapara has the country’s largest bronze Buddha statue.

Himchori and Inani Beach (Special Zone for Foreigners):
Himchori is famous for waterfall located at 18km from Cox’s Bazar on marine drive. Inani beach is located at 24 km from Cox’s Bazar also on marine drive famous for the rock and coral boulders. This area is already declared as an exclusive zone for foreign tourists.

Teknaf, The southernmost tip of Bangladesh:
Teknaf is the southernmost tip of Bangladesh situate on the bank of river Naf and the Bay of Bengal. By road, it is 84 km from Cox’s Bazaar. The Naf River is the border with Bangladesh and Myanmar. It is a town of real natural beauty with hills, forest, the Naf River and beach of the Bay of Bengal. Lots of Salt fields are seen here.

St. Martins Island – The Only Coral Island of Bangladesh:
From Teknaf by availing sea truck at everyday morning 10am can reach in St. Martins Island, this cruise takes 2 and half hours of time. The dumb- bell shaped St. Martin's has an area of only eight sq. km and the only coral island of Bangladesh where you will find live corals. The island also provides nesting ground for turtles. Quality hotels, motels, resorts, guesthouses and restaurants will meet up your lodging and feeing needs but there is no motor vehicle here. Better to book your accommodation before you go to visit this beautiful Island.

Cheera-Deep (A Separate Island):
Cheera-deep situated at the south-east of St. Martine. Actually it is a part of St. Martins Island but divided during high tide. By walking, local motorboat or tourist boat tourists can go there. Live and dead Corals will find all over the Island. People do not live in this Island, tourists should go there early and come back by afternoon.