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Rent A Car

Rent A Car

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Main Tourist Attraction of Bangladesh - Cultural & Festival

Bangladesh is the land of festivals. We have very old and famous cultural heritage. Year round you will find here some festival is celebrating. Some of cultural, some of religious, some of seasonal, some of National and of course the main one is the first day of Bengali New Year (PAHELA BAISHAK).

We celebrate locally and nationally the birth and death anniversaries of world famous Bawuls; Lalon Shah, Hason Raza, Shah Abdul Karim etc. Dhaka book fair and cultural shows through the month of February on the occasion of international Mother Language day (21 February) are very much enjoyable.
Rash Mela at Dublar Char in Sunderban , during Rash Purnima, Bijaya Dashami (Durga Pooja) at Dhakeshwari Temple are interesting to visit. Eid (Eidul Fitor & Eidul Azha) are main religious festival to the Muslims.

First day of spring season as per Bangla calendar, there is Pahela Falgun festival celebrates, women wear golden color saris with their hair bedecked in flowers. Likewise, men prefer to wear panjabis, in winter we celebrate Paush Mela / Pitha Utshab (several type of Bengali Cakes festival) and Ghuri Utshab (Kite festival). Our independent day (26th March), Victory day (16th March) and International mother Language Day (21st February) are main national festivals.

The Bengali New Year (PAHELA BAISHAKH)

We have our own calendar called Bangla Shon what is passing her 15th century (according to 14th April 2016 is the 1st day of Bengali New Year 1423).

The Bengali New Year begins at dawn, and the day is marked with singing, processions, and fairs. Traditionally, businesses start this day with a new ledger, clearing out the old.

People of Bangladesh enjoy a national holiday on Pahela Boishakh. All over the country people can enjoy fairs and festivals. Singers perform traditional songs welcoming the New Year. People enjoy classical JATRA plays.

Like other festivals of the region, the day is marked by visiting relatives, friends and neighbors. People prepare special dishes for their guests.

The festivities from the deep heartland of Bengal have now evolved to become vast events in the cities, especially the capital Dhaka. In Dhaka and other large cities, the festivals begin with people gathering under a big tree. People also find any bank of a lake or river to witness the sunrise. Artists present songs to welcome the New Year, particularly with Rabindranath Tagore's well-known song "Esho, he Boishakh".

People from all spheres of life wear classic Bengali dress. Women wear saris with their hair bedecked in flowers. Likewise, men prefer to wear panjabis. A huge part of the festivities in the capital is a vivid procession organized by the students and teachers of Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka.

Pahela Boishakh is celebrated with grandeur and colors in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. The celebrations are started at the break of dawn with a rendition of Rabindranath Tagore's song "Esho he Baishakh" by Chhayanat under the banyan tree at Ramna (the Ramna Batamul). An integral part of the festivities is the Mongol Shobhajatra, a traditional colorful procession organized by the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka (Charukala). The procession has a different theme relevant to the country's culture and politics every year. Different cultural organizations and bands also perform on this occasion and fairs celebrating Bengali culture are organized throughout the country. Other traditional events held to celebrate Poila Boishakh include bull racing in Munshiganj, wrestling in Chittagong, boat racing, cockfights, pigeon racing and village fairs.

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We arrange some special types of tours on special occasions, like cultural festivals at Lalon Shah’s birth and death anniversaries, Rash Mela at Dublar Char in Sundarban , during Rash Purnima, Bijaya Dashami at Dhakeshwari Temple and for the Bengali New Year’s festival in and around Dhaka.