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Main Tourist Attraction of Bangladesh – Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Sundarban Tours

The world largest mangrove forest Sundarban is situated in the South-West corner of Bangladesh. It is spread over the most southern part of Satkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat districts and an area of about 6000 sq. km. (only Bangladesh part) of land and river. The total area of Sundarban is divided into 55 administrative forest compartments by the department of forest & environment.

The entire National Park area is covered by mangrove forest. The main two dominant mangroves are Sundori (Heritiera fomes) and Gewa (Excoecaria agallocha). May be the Sundarban name comes from Sundori (Heritiera fomes) trees. There are small patches of brackish marshes on emerging islands and riverbanks, and sandy areas with grass and low shrubs on some of the outer islands. In 1999, UNESCO has been declared this forest as a world heritage site. By using only water transport tourists can visit the Sundarbans from Khulna or Mongla Port.

Royal Bengal Tiger and Other Wildlife in Sundarban

The Bengal tiger, biggest of the cat family, plays a very important role in the forest ecology as well as in the rich mythology and legend. The entire Sundarban National Forest comprises as the largest remaining tract of habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris). About 32 species of mammal are still found in this forest. Among these are Rhesus Macaques, and Spotted Deer. More than 120 species of fish and more than 270 species of birds have been recorded in the Sundarbans. The Gangetic River Dolphin (Platanista gangeticus) is common in the rivers. Not less than 50 species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians are known to occur. A fair amount of spotted deer, wild boar, rhesus monkey, Clawless Otters, Fishing Cats, Wild Cock, Salt-Water Crocodile, Water Monitor Lizard, Pythons, etc. are seen in Sundarban.

Life in Sundarban Forest

There is no road, no trail of a path; Boat is the only transport inside the Sundarbans. Sometimes the woodcutters and honey hunters make temporary dwellings at the edge of the forest at a height of 8-10 feet for fear of wild animals, others live on boats. In Chandpai region it is fascinating to see the nomadic fishermen (living with families on boats) catching fish with the help of trained otters. The fishermen from Chittagong gather for four months (mid Oct. to mid Feb.) to catch and dry fish at Dublar Char inside the Sundarbans. The most daring and exciting of all activities is presented by the honey-collectors who work in groups for just two months (April-May) and it is really very interesting to see how they locate a hive and then collect honey. Few local & international famous documentary films was made on their activities.

Main Tourist Spots inside the Sundarbans

Main tourist spot inside the Sundarbans include Katka, Kochikhali, Habaria. Hiron point (Nilkamal), Mandarbaria, Kokilmuni and Tin Kona Island to view tigers, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, birds and natural beauty. Another major attraction inside the Sundarbans - Dublarchar (Dubla Island) mainly a fishermen's village and Karamjal (Mini Zoo & Breading Center).


Climate in the Sundarbans is moderate. Air is humid. Full monsoon is from June to September. The annual rainfall is average between 65" and 70". During ebb tide the forest becomes bare by 6-7 feet and at high tide (30 miles an hour) the entire territory of the forest floats on water.


Mongla is the second largest seaport of Bangladesh situated in Bagerhat district. In Bangladesh Economy Mongla Port plays a vital role. It is well connect by national roads & Highway network. There are a good number of prawn hatcheries in Mongla area. Just a few Km away at the south of Mongla port Sundarban forest is located.

Filming inside Sundarban

Lots of local and foreign organizations and media use to research and film on Sundarban. We have previous experience to coordinate these kinds of programs. We are used to collect the permissions from government bodies; supply the logistics and other needs as per situation demands for these kinds of programs.

Requirement to Visit Sundarbans

Permission from the Divisional Forest Office, Khulna and Water transport are needed to visit this special area. October to March is the best time to visit Sundarbans. Light tropical dress, thick rubber soled boots, Sun Glass, torch light etc. are better to be carried with the tourist. Sundarban is known as Paradise to the Tourists, Researcher, Photographers and Filmmakers. It will be wise to take the help of a professional tour company to make the journey fruitful.

Tourist Season & Shooting

Best time to visit the Sundarbans is from October to March. Exciting honey collection season is during April-May. Hunting is prohibited by law in the country for the preservation of wildlife. Certain species of birds, however, can be shot with prior permission of the Divisional Forest Officer, Khulna.

Guided Tour for Sundarban Trip

To feel the beauty of Sunderban you will have to go inside Sunderban & visit at least the most common tourist spots of Sunderban, specially the four-heritage side of Katka, Hiron point, Mandarbaria & Kachikhali. It will require minimum two nights stay in Sunderban to visit these spots and if you are in a group you can ask your tour operator to make it three, four or five nights tour package as per your desireness to invent the real beauty of Sunderban in your Package tour program.

In Sunderban visit, all the way you will have to go by tourist launch and spend your night also in the launch as no hotel or motel facilities are available inside of Sunderban. In this tour your foods and water will be supplied from the tourist launch only. So to visit the great Sundarban you will have to decide in advance how many days you want to spend in Sunderban - accordingly your tour operator will arrange and preserve your foods and water. Tour operators offer all-inclusive guided package fours from Dhaka to Sundarbans and return during the tourist season (October to March).

Golden Bengal Tours regularly arrange Sundarban Tours

We, Golden Bengal Tours have been operating regular & special Sundarban Package Tours since 2001 very successfully, safely with nice reputation. We are cordially inviting you to make your next trip in Sundarbans with us.

The exciting events in the Sundarbans tour are hiking in the deep forest, cricks cruising by country boat, bird watching, night safari and campfires and also staying on vessel at wild jungle atmosphere which will definitely add to your adventure experience.

We operate regular Sundarban Package Tours a duration of 4 nights &3 days (every Thursday evening to Monday morning) from 1st October to 31st March in every year also including few special occasions like Rush Mela, Christmas, New Year, Eid, 21st February, Honey Hunting etc.

We arrange Sundarban Package Tours for Families, Friends, Individuals, Groups, Organizations, Corporates & Students. Exclusive customized tours are also available.

Facilities in Sundarban Cruiser

Sundarban Cruise Boats have double engines, standby generators and upper deck dining room with modern logistics and the furnished cabins are serve as accommodation. The bathrooms are shared, all are western-style. The vessels are operated with all the required permits and safety regulations.

Services included in Price
Our Sundarban package tours include the services are AC/ Non AC road transport, AC/ Non AC Cruiser, Accommodation in full furnished cabin, 5 times Food and Snacks, special BBQ dinner, unlimited Tea/ Coffee & mineral Water, Experienced Guide, Armed Forest Guards, entry Permission, Fee and Tax and No hidden charges.

Other Important Tourist Attractions in Khulna Division

Shat Gambuj Mosque (World Heritage and famous Archeological site)
The Shait Gambud Mosque is a unique example of Sultanate monuments in Bagerhat. General Khan Jahan sent from Delhi to build an Islamic city by Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah (1442-59), then the area known as 'Khalifalabad' (present Bagerhat). He had to fight against natural calamities to construct the city. Khan Jahan aborted his city with numerous mosques, tanks, roads and other public buildings, the spectacular ruins of which are focused around the most imposing and largest multimode mosques in Bangladesh, known as the Shait-Gumbad Masjid (160'X108'). This is one of the most beautiful archeological and historical Mosque in Bangladesh made by red burn mud.

Sixty Domed Mosque is one of a notable establishments of St. Khan Jahan Ali is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The construction program, especially its water management plan, was such an advanced one at that time; that the water reservoirs and canals are used even to this every day

Shrine of Hajrat Khan Jahan Ali: Besides the Shat Gambuj Mosque, shrine of Hajrat Khan Jahan Ali is only 3 km ahead. A great number of local & foreign tourists come the shrine to pray for this great man. From this shrine a steamer goes to the Thakur Dighi where you will find the ancient crocodiles in this Dighi. (Dighi is a local name of larger pond) Besides this Dighi a Nine Gambuj Mosque is an attraction also for the tourists.

Shilaidaha Thakur Bari (Kustia)
Shilaidaha Thakur Bari was made by the forth father-in-law Prince Darkanath Tagore of great poet Robindranath Tagore. Now it is a museum where you can see the daily usage materials of Tagore family.

Shrine of Lalan Shah
In Kustia you also can visit the Shrine of Lalan Shah, the great folk singer of Bangladesh. His folk songs are popularly known as Lalan Giti. His philosophy of life is now researching by whole world. Lalon Mela (Culrural festival on Lalon's creations) on the occasion his birth and death anniversary at mid of October is arrange every year what is very famous.

Mujib Nagar Smriti Shoudh
You can also visit to the Mujib Nagar. Mujib Nagar Smriti Shoudh is built by 23 Stambha at 20 acres area of land. At the time of liberation war in 1971 Mujib Nagar was the temporary capital of Bangladesh.

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